2012 fantasy pike fly challenge

This will also be a strict catch & release affair!


Players pick 4 flies for the season

12 flies to choose from
(Found in the left sidebar)
6 tubes
6 hooked
6 substitute flies (3 x tubes & 3 x hooked)

5 flies will be tied for each specific fly design, and will be used through out the season. Once each fly becomes unusable to fish with, it will be replaced with a new one until all five are finished.
Flies will be regularily photographed to show their condition throughout the Fantasy league challenge.

Points tally
Points will be tallied up at the end of each week and added to the league table in the sidebar so players can see where they are standing

1 point will be given for each fish caught
2 extra points will be awarded for a fish over 75cm (2,46 ft)
4 extra points will be awarded for a fish over 85cm (2,78 ft)
6 extra points will be awarded for a fish over 1 meter (3,28 ft)

I will alternate between using tube flies one days and hooked flies the next and each fly will be changed after each fish caught which will even out the playing field so to say!

1. Substitutions will be submitted as and when I feel the need
change the playing field. for example certain flies will perform better during different times of the year.
2. 3 x substitutions will take place throughout the course of
the season.
3. Each player gets to choose one tube and one hooked fly
would like to change. The flies that get the most vote
for that
specific substitution period get used!

Play offs!
1. On the 30th September all the points will be tallied up and
the top 10 players will go into the October play offs which
will end on the 31st October.

2. All the flies will be brought back into play for each of the
ten players.

3. Players can then choose to either keep the
ones they have or change to other models during the play

All entrants need to be submitted by the latest 15th May.
Send your entry name to uivelon_kierros@yahoo.co.uk with (2012 Fantasy pike fly challenge) as a header

Monday, 9 April 2012

Up too my waist!

As I'm going to be spending a large portion of this season wading its only logical I'll need a couple of flies that will perform in shallow waters. The first is my Rattle n hum. Virtually snag free from rocks and weeds,I'll be able to fish this fly confidently when its on the business end of my line. I've gone for Orange as it will be a top spring & Autumn colour here. To extend the longevity of the Mirror Image synthetic tail, I'm going to extend the bucktail collar an extra inch along the tail and add a thicker raccoon head as well.

My Olive lazyboy will serve two purposes, fished with a floating line it will double up as a diver/popper around reed beds & shallow wadable bays, and secondly fished with a fast sinking intermediate in 2m - 5m of water. This fly will catch fish through all the seasons...how long the deerhair heads will last is another question.I will bugbond them to strengthen them though.

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